Turn Out Your Naked Window Into a Stylish Eye-catching

Here we will bring a solutions for you who want to change your naked window into an amazing looks.

1. Cover Up

You don’t have to clear out your budget each time you crave a curtain change. A little fabric can provide dated Roman shades or blinds a completely fresh appeal.

2. Adding Flair

Enliven current panels is the fastest method to turn out your windows. A gold leaf bring the emotional panels back to the gilded age.

3. Pop on Pattern

Be brave on changing something unusuall with Neon pom poms provide us a little playfulness to classic white curtains.

4. Think Patchwork

Don’t mask your old scarf collection in a drawer. Let the light assimilate the jewel-toned patterns by stitching them into sheer panels.

5. Try Tea Towels

Drapery trim change nice kitchen towels and make it sweet to wipe up messes, within the instant cafe curtains.

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