Fascinating Masculine Kitchen Design in Monochromatic Touch

White kitchens may got they popularity, but dark cooking area can be just as inspiring and if you have the room it would be a good idea to try. Here we have a kitchen design with masculine feels with incridible detail inside.

With nearly every factor represent in a deep grey, luxury Kitchen is a perfect to call this moody monochromaticism kitchen. Vipp offer the metal kitchens, and the black cabinets and appliances here are one of they are offering. Comparable to white, the misty grey provide as a canvas for other fixtures and accents like live herbs or the stainless steel wash basin. There’s a big concrete window sill that is used for storage and may be used for sitting.

Bertoia design chairs with entire grain leather and natural stone then a fireplace as center allow this alternative kitchen and dining area a masculine edge. A sizable artwork piece on the wall is also done in dark colors, and a love letter chandelier over the dining area create it more welcoming.

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