Cushy Neutral Living Room Combined with Home Office

Consider a workplace is generally a problem in modern residence, and literally no area for that. This design of living room incorporate with a dining space and a workspace, and touch it with sophistication and style.

Within the three different areas and not a separate partition around them, one space progress into another, and even the kitchen wall is translucent, it make all the areas filled with full light. The theme of the room choose is neutral and soft and give some beige shades also black for the kitchen wall and hall. The spaces are detached using a furniture and a corner sofa also an L-shaped desk make a partition look, which is very organic in overall space.

For the dining room, they are located a middle from the kitchen and the living room, that will make the guests still can communicate with the owners. Those who cook can be a part of the family joined while they in the living room.

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