Create a Beautiful Modern Kitchen with just Sunny Yellow Touch

Here we want to share a yellow touchy kitchen from Vietnamese architect. The kitchen style is modern and very cool, it has everything from much light and cool décor with a trendy color combo. To complete the area with light, the designer choose white color and create a big window to let the light in. A black backsplash emphasize the white cabinets and as it’s chalkboard, the homeowners can chalk menus on it.

Yellow splashes create this decoration style bolder and cooler. A set of cabinets, fridge and the inner sides of the lamps are sunny yellow, and this mild shade breathes luxury into the kitchen and create it more inviting.

Cheerful light woods also create the kitchen comfortable like warm wooden planks on the floor and a smooth dining table and chairs create meals feels refreshing and homey. As there’s no kitchen island and dining table can be used for cooking.

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