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This spacious kitchen has a feeling of 1846 Victorian in London, the design presented by deVOL Kitchens, which create traditional ones, and this time is no exception.

The floors and the ceiling are covered with light-colored wooden planks with a rustic feel to create the area comfortable, while the kitchen color is green and the walls are kept in the same shade to create the design more compatible.

The kitchen model is called Shaker, and it characteristic lovely understated furniture inspired by original Shaker carpentry, famed for its functionality, innovative carpentry and experience. Mortise and tenon connection offer power to our Shaker doors and fascia whilst modular production keeps prices down. Doors and fascias are all created from a hardwood called tulipwood, even if cabinets are constructed from a high grade birch plywood; a strong and water resistant material, good for shaker kitchens of utility designed for contemporary living. A last lining of paint applied by hand and fancy handles and knobs finish off a ageless painted shaker kitchen which will stand on style and function for many years to come.

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