5 Ways to Dress up Your Apartment Balcony

Once in a while it’s hard task to decorate a limited spaces, but there are some ideas that handy to make your apartment balcony wider.

1. Knowing About How Large the Space
Make use of a tape to judge the width and length your balcony. This measurement will assist you to decide whether something will appropriate when you’re shopping for outdoor furniture.

2. Try to Pick a Bistro Sets
If your balcony is slightly square, even of long and narrow, It’s mean that you have an sufficient space for a small table and a couple chairs. Bistro sets are often designed for small spaces and have a small footprint. Look for one with chairs that fit all the way under the table when not in use, or a set that folds up for easy storage. A round table will allow for more people to gather around it than a square table would.

3. Mark for 3 feet or 1 m of clearance the whole edge of table
This allows people enough space to pull out a chair and move freely behind the chairs as well. You can take possession of less clearance as long as you’re enjoy squeezing into a limited spot between your chair and the table.

4. Pick Some Bench Include
If your balcony is more than narrow, a bench will be best options to add seating without waste the space. Find a bench that have storage case under the seat so that you can contain cushions, pillows, or any other balcony accessories. If you don’t want to buy a bench, you can make one out of a couple wooden crates laid down next to each other.

5. Pair a chair with a side table
If there’s no room for a bistro set on your balcony, then pick out one outdoor chair and put a small side table next to it. This will allow you to sip coffee or tea, or even have a snack outside. Add cushions to make it a comfortable place to read a book. Selecting a folding chair to save space and make it easier to transfer inside and out.

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