41 Amazing Design Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

Almost bathrooms are covered with tiles because tiles are truly functional, endurable, easy to clean and preserve and they look neat.

Ignore boring regular tiles, nowaday’s design industry suggest a wide area of attractive bold and patterned tiles to close your walls, shower zone and floor. You can renovate the whole bathroom with the same tiles or select different pattern and accents for any part.Currently I’d like to present you the most wonderfull bathroom floor tiles to get you inspired.

Marble-Inspired Bathroom Floor Tiles
Marble is the very famous and deluxe material for designing any bathroom or shower but it’s too expensive, so you can always replace real marble with marble-inspired tiles not to crack the bank.There are great scale and hexagon marble-inspired bathroom tiles, select the option that fit your bathroom preferred.

Faux Wood Bathroom Floor Tiles
Wood is attractive warming up but unfortunately not applicable for a dank space as it can break.Get faux wood bathroom floor tiles and you’ll find two in one: a warming up and comfy touch and staying power.Tiles may bout a bathroom covered with wood influenced tiles or an all netral bathroom.

Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tiles
One of the most popular option is mosaic bathroom floor tiles , they are incredible to make a description in a neutral,white or just plain bathroom and decor a wonderful diversity.Black and white mosaic tiles are first between all, they are vintage and match almost any bathroom décor. There are geometric choice in many colors, tiles with various ornament: floral, fauna and many effects. My choice are amazing woven inspired floor tiles that actually stunning look.

You can make herringbone pattern with varian tiles you like, it’s an simple and low cost idea.You can also pick up black and white tiles and use them in turn to decor a pattern.

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