40 Artistic Clawfoot Bathtubs and Create Magnificent Bathrooms

Clawfoot bathtubs ever be the popular style for bathroom design in the 19th and the starting of the 20th century. And nowadays such those style are making a huge comeback because they are artistic and chic, they suit with a lot of bathroom styles, and has feminine feels combined with masculine areas.

White clawfoot tubs are awesome for any style of bathroom, and they are greatly used for vintage and mid century or rustic, or modern glam and retro bathrooms. Such a tub will fit with many styles and shades, and you can smash it with white or metallic legs. Such a white slip clawfoot bathtub is a best optional for a girlish areas, it will create any bathroom a feminine feel at once. Oval bathtubs is the famous one for a white but you can get different shapes as you like.

Black clawfoot tubs are almost as popular as white ones, they have a modern general look proper for both manly and girly style of bathrooms. Dark are usually built in retro and modern or rustic bathrooms. Play with patterned tiles in there, you will be get a attractive and timeless look combined with brass fixture.

If you planning to create a feeling in a neutral bathroom, there will be a good choice than a colored clawfoot bathtub. Many colored pieces can be found in shabby chic and vintage and rustic areas and you can also make it in a modern areas, all you have to do is just pick a right color.

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