4 Tips and 34 Concepts of Shelving Ideas

Shelving Ideas give extra storage in your home. Shelves can be used as beautiful home decoration that makes the room looks great. By using shelves, you will get perfect storage space and awesome decoration. DIY project is the best idea to build the shelving in your home. You can manage your space to be shelving and take the design matching with your room. There are some ideas that you can use to get beautiful look by using shelving in your home.

1. Garage shelving ideas.

The best shelving ideas for your garage is corner shelving. It is good idea to use this kind of shelving in the garage. It is because you can use the corner space and build the shelving to place your tools and even something. To build corner shelving, you need to provide boards. Cut them in your measurement and install in unique shape. It can give awesome look to the garage.

2. Closet shelving ideas.

In modern home, there is walking closet that can be decorated in modern look by using shelving. The greatest idea for shelving system in the closet is by using glass shelves. They can add modern decoration and give beautiful impression to the closet. To get perfect ambience, you can install the glass shelves on the poles. This space can be used to put your shoes collections.

3. Pantry shelving ideas.

In the pantry, shelving is needed. It is used to store the food material. To get perfect shelving system, you can use wall area. Build floor to ceiling shelves to provide more space for storage. They will be your perfect idea to get smart storage space in your pantry. This kind of shelving can be built from wood. But to get strong installation, it is better for you to use steel as frames.

4. Bathroom shelving ideas.

Build shelving in the bathroom give storage space there. You can use rustic bathroom shelves to get storage space. Use the dark color of wood as the main material. Build it in two or three layers. The dark wood creates rustic impression. The other idea of bathroom shelving is hanging shelf. It is smart storage without needing much space. You can build it with big rope to hang the shelves. The rope makes unique look to the shelves.

Shelving is one of the great storage ideas to give more space to put something in the home. it can be built in any room in your house. For garage, you can use corner area as your shelving space. Glass shelves are perfect for walking closet that can create modern look. In pantry, floor to ceiling shelves are perfect. They provide much space to store food materials and even kitchen appliances. Rustic and hanging shelves are really appropriate for bathroom. They add beautiful and comfortable look to the room.

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