35 Pleasing Storage Concept of Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a important part of any kitchen as all the cooking and washing prepare end up here. Moreover, this furniture are first place to thing about storage in any kitchen because they are always large furniture to contain everything you want: plate, food, magazines, wine and any drinks and many other things that come to your mind.

Talk about Designing Kitchen Islands With Books Storage. Books and magazines storage areas can be simply integrated into your kitchen island, just create an open shelves around it or maybe glass kit if you are afraid to spoil the books.

Next is design with tableware and dish storage inside. This is probably the famous concept for every kitchen. Create open shelving and drawers for your bakeware and dishes and invest them inside. In case of the open shelving you will create your snazzy dishes a part of the kitchen design. But if you are scared of dust on them go for drawers.

Now is island with wine storage ideas. If you are wine lover, you can create your own mini cellar in there. Create some wine shelves inside or even take in a wine cooler, this ideas will make your wine will always be at hand. You can also change any drinks you like in your cooler or create a different one for them.

Then the ideas with food and spice storage. Trying to create Food and spices to be placed in your there, in this case that you have to do is just decide what type of food it will be and then create drawers, cubbies, rotary container or else according to the food.

In some cases you don’t need even replace your kitchen island, just pick a nice rustic table with a shelf underneath the top and place cubbies and drawers there and you won’t need to create any changes.

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