33 Amazing Concept Freestanding Bathtubs to Create a Beautiful Bathroom

A bathroom is an oasis of relaxation and purity with luxury, and interior it is key for this area. A bathroom is frequently have small space, that’s say it is difficult to dress up but still you can do that. Even the smallest bathroom have a cool spa feels and it easily to decorate. With freestanding type of bathtub will be do that thing to create your small space chic and inviting at once. There are modern style without legs and vintage-inspired refined ones with them, different materials are come to fit any area.

The famous shape for a freestanding bathtub is an oval but you can find another shape like square and round or some other shapes. Most of colors are white ones, and when you try to use some dark tiles than a white tub it will stand out. If you want a textural tub, you can try a wooden or a stone one or with some nice finish. Lets your bathtub beside to the window to enjoy the views while having a bath.

There are smaller and larger tubs, then smallest bathroom can contain one. If your bathroom is small, you can combine the tub with the shower area. If your areas have a wide areas, you can create a niche for the bathtub, and create shelves on either side of the tub and feature it with some impressive pendant lights.

If you wish to create a modern statement, take a bathtub with an irregular form. That will have a soft groove and slip with another high wall or a raw edge if it’s a stone or wooden tub. It will stand out even in a free area but if you create a niche for it, it will cool even more. Outdoor bathrooms seem awesome with rough edge bathtubs and create your ambience of bathing natural like forest or mountains.

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