30 Roomy and Windy Open Scheme Kitchen Concept

Free structure are really famous today because they let to use all the potency of the areas and create an profit of every inch of even a small apartment, besides, it will feel airier and more spacious. Open kitchens cohesive with dining or living area are end up a norm already, even if the whole of the home doesn’t have any open layouts. Combine a kitchen with a dining area and also a living area will let you have impressive parties or invite the whole family that will interact at cooking, eating and having fun.

Combining this two concept is always a great idea, mainly if you have a less areas,it just create an open space, and it will feel spacious and look airy and inviting. All you have to do is just hold both area in one style like minimalist, industrial, modern or vintage then pick a furniture and accessories compatible. Link these two areas using the same pendant lamps or the same shade of wood for the countertops and the dining table. Different idea is to hold the style but create them contrasting, such as, take the kitchen white or grey and hold the dining are in black, it will showing you a chic and split the areas just a little. Another ways to go is to make an eclectics likes a modern kitchen with a rustic diner or a simple style kitchen with a modern and not so minimalist dining areas.

Here you’ll normally see both areas done in the same style and colors because it’s easier to do so and this method you’ll get increasingly spacious look. But of course you can show the divide of both areas using different shades, such a black and white for the kitchen and light grey or off-white for the living room. On the opposite, emphasize your living area with some bolder shades and hold the kitchen crispy white.

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