30 Attractive Blue Color in Kitchen Decoration Concept

Blue are a lovely color by everyone because it has dazzling shades that can fit any room or any situation. Blue has turn into a favorite color for many homeowners and designers because they swing various shades in rooms and homes in decorations. Blue can be a match for modern and vintage or industrial and glam, or coastal and rustic and many other spaces because they are very fresh energy and actually ageless.

Determine your colours of blue and give the cabinets look into they fresh feeling, here everything is possible from warm pastel calmness blue and pale blue to cobalt or navy. Pale blue and serenity or other neutral shades are awesome for coastal decor and rustic, and then shabby chic also vintage kitchens but of course you can gain them for other styles too. Any colors of blue can stick out even more with brass or copper materials in handles and taste throughout the kitchen, with this plan it will look more beautiful.

Pastel tones are nice to match with vintage decor, shabby chic style or coastal and other decorations. They match well with white or neutral countertops, and combining with marble or tile backsplashes. Brass and copper will give the glam and chic feeling, and mosaic tiles will be a good idea to deliver stunning look of the cabinetry.

The type of blue like cobalt and electric are really nice in retro or vintage kitchens then also in modern ones. this cabinetry can be create cooler with white marble or tile backsplashes combined with white or natural wood countertops that will give a rustic feeling touched.

To stay away the kitchen dark feeling, you can try a white tiles and marble, or some calm greys. If the kitchen feels dark shades and you wont it to affect on the space visually, you can try white suspended cabinets and dark blue on floor to make your kitchen look lightweight.

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