29 Invisible Desks in Contemporary Home Offices

Glass are cool and chic, that will create an excellent material for any modern interior with muscular and soft feels, and it simple style.

Starting from feminine style offices room, it would be created more simplicity and chic with a glass desk. There are a lot of variant ideas to pick from, if you want to create the room more glam, just take a desk with metal trestle legs like brass or copper, or maybe a silver legs to make it better. An invisible glass desk will seem to be disappearing in your room, and if you need a glam yet practical piece, pick a desk with two tabletops – two glass ones or a usual and a glass top over it – so you may use the storage space in between the tabletops.

Next after decorate a feminine room, here we go to minimalist and masculine style. A glass desk is a best match for a minimalist style in office, it just vanish in the air, which is ideal for such a wider space. A masculine home office would be looks charming and minimalist with a glass desk, make it all clear and completely created from glass. The point can be created with a amazing chair or armchair, pick a cool one.

If you want to giving a rustic feels or your room is have a rustic before, just take a glass desk with a rustic feel, just on a framing or legs parts. Trestle wooden legs and framing are best match to giving a rustic feel still hold the desk in modern. Add appropriate chair with a rustic feel and enjoy!

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