26 String Lights Concept to Create a Chic Kids Room

String lights are master of idea to design greeting and cozy sceen in any space, they are available in colors and looks, many shapes, with cold and warm light, and are very cheap plus safe unlike candles. Now we are sharing the impressive examples to combine string lights into kids’ rooms, let’s have a look at them.

The impressive idea is to add string lights to the sleeping area: they make the sleeping angle comfortable, welcoming and can be used instead of night lights. Swing the string lights over the bed, or on the wall next to the bed then add some photos to make it more private.Incorporate string lights into it if there’s a canopy, this will create the bed imaginary. You can make all kinds of signs, artworks using string lights, installations to you and your kid. You can also work for an attractive chalkboard art wall, let your kid chalk something and then add lights to it. You can also try various string lights – star-shaped, vintage, globe and cat-shaped ones to match the room decor.

Different ways idea is to inform the reading or playing area with light, it will inspire your kids to space time there and reading. String lights will create the room inviting feel and will add light, which is imperative for reading. You can also create some fun accessories such a stars and half moons of this lights or anything with a lot of DIYs.

An another options may add feature to the other areas of the room like storage and wardrobes also toy shelves with bookcase, and sitting or game areas, this concept is easy with just hang the lights in the rooms and try various shapes, and looks of the string lights, they are loved by children.

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