25 Amazing interior concept with Chesterfield Type Sofa Inside

A Chesterfield sofa originally was a leather sofa with buttons, with a definite shape of the sofa back, and even the height of the seat, named after Philip Stanhope, the fourth earl of Chesterfield, who commissioned this fine piece of furniture. Nowadays a Chesterfield sofa is a classic furniture style with any kind of upholstery and buttons on it, in variant color and size you like. If you don’t know deciding furniture item to pick one for your living area then get a Chesterfield sofa, you can’t go wrong with it. This a sofa can handily merge any design, here are sample to you with some ideas.

A leather Chesterfield is classics and the style was the original piece, and leather is very famous for decoration now as it carry composition and interest to the area. Take a brown leather Chesterfield to create a elegant and classic atmosphere in your rooms, or go for a dark brown sofa to add a dark feel to a neutral area. A black leather sofa is different variant in classic, which is match in many interiors from industrial to farmhouse or minimalist. If you want a bold statement, there are always colorful and bright leather sofas – red, blue, emerald and yellow. When you planning to a bold expression, there are always colorful and fine leather sofas such as red or blue and emerald then a yellow. A leathered style of this sofa is a best options for any room, from the most refined to the most industrial or minimal.


Modern designers bring many kind of fresh Chesterfield sofa style such as upholster that with various kinds of fabric, in all shades and colors and giving a various style on the traditional shape. Create an ambience with several color such as Blue and pink or green, purple and other colors will be a great ideas. Such a style can providing a colorful feels or even a space split to visually separate the area of your open layout. You may even get a stylish watercolor piece or even change the upholstery when you love it, all the design will show your Chesterfield style. Place two Chesters like a mirror to create an charming conversation area or create a combination of a Chesterfield with another one.

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