Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sheridan Village - Admiral Place and Sheridan Road

Built in the mid-1950s, Sheridan Village was a contemporary 2-story shopping center at Admiral Place and Sheridan Rd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Crown drug was a popular pharmacy with a soda fountain and grill in the back. Frequented for the main anchors JCPenney, TG&Y; and Humpty Dumpty Grocery stores, it was also well remembered for it's Borden's Cafeteria, library, shoe store and card shops. It featured one of the first escalators in a suburban Tulsa shopping center. There was upper level parking on the roof accessible by way of a car ramp on the SW corner. The out-building OTASCO was directly across from the ramp, leading to stories about rolling a non-working car from the rooftop across to have it worked on. The shopping center hit it's peak in the late 1960s / early-1970s before slowly losing retailers to the larger, more modern malls being built around Tulsa. In it's later years it was used as a Bingo hall and a handful of small retailers. A small shoe store and barber shop appear to have operated there until the end. Vacant and vandalized, it now sits silently awaiting demolition in coming weeks/months.

Courtesy of Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society.

Anonymous recalls Sheridan Village in their comment:
Back in the 60s it was a very popular place to shop. It had a JC Penney's, TG&Y;, Rexall Drug, Grocery store, Hallmark store, Borden's Cafeteria, Merle Norman, etc. The Rexall had a soda fountain, the TG&Y; had a candy counter including hot peanuts. The JC Penney's had a fabric department that was second to none; at that time most people made a lot of their clothes. The Hallmark store started out in a tiny little alcove and later moved to one of the store spaces out front. There was also an Otasco next door to the center that was very popular. What a wonderful place it used to be.

According to another commentor:
There are STILL some employees that work for JCPenney that worked at the Sheridan Village store. Most of the moved to Eastland after Sheridan village - and now, they all work at Promenade.

On Tulsa TV Memories, Charles Stevens in Fargo remembers,
The card shop at Sheridan Village was called the Postman and for years it was located in a small store underneath the escalator that went upstairs to Borden's Cafeteria. Borden's had a treasure chest where kids could pick out a prize after eating. The Presidential visit I remember is Johnson in the late 60's. He was in town to view progress on the Port. We stood out on the curb on Admiral and watched his motorcade go by.

I was unable to find any information on the future plans for the lot that the demolition of Sheridan Village will leave behind. If anyone knows of it's proposed use, please add a comment. For those interested, check out the new Sheridan Village Photoset on Flickr. Like much of the mid-century architecture in Tulsa (think: Mayo Meadow Shopping Center), it's not particularly exciting or special, but it had it's own charm. I'm sure that there are still people out there who remember it fondly from their childhoods. Please share your recollections!

PS...glad to be back.