Sunday, December 07, 2008

Williams Center Forum

The Williams Center Forum was a modern 3-level shopping mall with ice arena in downtown Tulsa from the late '70s to early '90s. After going defunct, it was converted and reopened in 1998 as the Williams Energy Trading Floor, taking up the space of a football field and wired with over 235 miles of data cable.

I've had a lot of requests and questions regarding pictures of the former mall and it's ice skating arena. Unfortunately, even though I spent lots of time there during High School (my Sr. prom was even held there), I never managed to take any pictures before it closed down. However, today I stumbled across Flickr user Steven Wilson's fantastic Williams Center Forum photo set of the center during it's prime.

Also of interest is his Woodland Hills Mall photoset showing it's original '70s design before several subsequent renovations. I so glad someone else managed to capture images of these places before they were changed so drastically.

Above: Photo by Steven Wilson of the Williams Center Forum ice arena.


Glad to see you're posting again!
I remember the old radio shack that used to be there. Along with Charlie and Barneys resturant, the movie theater and the show shine guy that had a stand up there. I think I saw him at the airport doing the same thing today. Man, what happened to the times?
wow, great memories here. i had an ice skating birthday party there as a kid. wild, i work with BOk now in the williams tower and pass this area on a dail basis while running around getting lunch in the cafeteria, etc. hard to believe what it used to be!
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