Friday, December 05, 2008

Eastgate Metroplex Metamorphosis

I'm sure lots of you wish I'd get off my Eastland Mall kick, but I'm still getting a thrill out of watching this dead mall go through a $55 million metamorphosis, springing back into a living, breathing space again. This week, as they near completion of the external renovation of the former Mervyn's, they put up the new University of Phoenix signage. I had to drop by and take some new pics.


The OK Dept of Public Safety's drivers license testing facility has successfully made their transfer from Jenks to the new location downstairs in the former food court / arcade area. Workforce OK is moving forward quickly with their new space next to UoP. Community Action Project has settled in well with their Early Childhood Education Center. Alorica is building out plenty of workstations for their new $2 million 45,000 sf call center, which will soon be home to about 700 employees currently working in the Citiplex towers. Coca-Cola Enterprises keeps filling their parking lots up more and more. There's even a cafe/coffee shop in the former Helzberg Diamonds space, if you're in the mood for some java and a bite to eat (free WiFi too). IBC Bank is building out a space, as is Weststar Mortgage and there's positive word on talks with a national food operation to lease there as well.


At just over 30% capacity, the developers are expecting to have close to 1000 employees working at Eastgate Metroplex by the end of this year. It will be interesting to watch as the number of employees working at this mixed-use facility finally reaches the point that new retail is desired. So far, I've been very impressed with Director of Development, Gerry Chauvin and Rob Phillips' ability to quickly bring his vision for this facility into reality. I'm sure that Tulsa (and Eastside in particular) will certainly appreciate the economic impact that this should have for the city.


thank you for sending postcards to those far from home.

we appreciate it.
I really enjoy your website. whatever happened to the Wagonwheel shopping center on Admiral? I think it was by the theater.
The Wagonwheel Shopping Center remains there next to the old Safeway at Admiral and Garnett.

Pretty low occupancy, but the structure is still in O.K. shape.

Here's a pic I took a few years back.
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