Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Camelot Hotel Demolition Day

I'm still playing catch up, so I'm a year late with these. The Camelot Hotel photoset has been updated to include shots from last December on the first day of demolition.

The Google Street View crew captured the hotel around a month before it was torn down. Click the arrows on the yellow street lines to "drive" around the hotel. Grab the screen and drag or use the widget in the corner to adjust your view.
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It was still standing when Google's satellite provider snagged their last shot of Tulsa, too. Click the + to zoom in. You can even see the spade-shaped pool.

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On a final Camelot-related item. I was pleased to see that Alison Zarrow has posted her wonderful book, Abandoned Tulsa as a downloadable PDF (try the freeware PDF viewer Foxit, if you don't have Acrobat installed). I already own a hard copy of the book, but now anyone can enjoy her wonderful photos and well researched, inspired prose covering some of Tulsa's most interesting vacant places. It also includes some great shots from inside the Camelot Hotel as well as ephemera from the hotel's past. Thanks so much for sharing, Alison.


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