Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I recently posted up some new pics on Flickr, but they're not exactly on-subject. There's a new photoset that my wife and I took at this year's Blue Dome Art Festival. The art cars in particular were simply too eye-catching not to post up. This festival coincided with Mayfest, so I also ended up with a few shots of some of the neon signs along Boston Avenue. This includes the Atlas Life Building shown above. As I mention in the comments of this pic, this building was the first to pique my interest in Tulsa's wonderful downtown buildings.

Meanwhile, the vintage John Allen wooden roller coaster, the Zingo is getting very close to being dismantled completely. Last week, I watched a really good quality video from one of the new copter steadicams, showing a crane working on the upper u-turn of the south side. I wanted to link it here, but I can't seem to find it. What I did find was this equally depressing short video clip (.WMV encoded) on Coasterphotos.com showing Bell's in 2001, including a 1st person ride on the Zingo. If anyone has the link to the helicopter footage, please comment below.