Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rose Bowl Renovation

Although I can't find an online version of the text anywhere, the Tulsa World has a small article about upcoming renovations to this unique Rt. 66 landmark.

From May 27, 2007 Tulsa World:

After well over a year of speculation, things are looking rosier at the historic Rose Bowl.


"We've painted the outside with pink terra-cotta, since we didn't really like the white and purple scheme," said Sam Baker, co-owner of the Rose Bowl along with his nephew, Chris Whinery.

The new paint job marks the first external transformation from a shuttered bowling alley to an event center, which will host an antique auction the first weekend in July. Other potential uses include hosting home and garden shows, weekend flea markets, car shows and motorcycle rallies.

Though the building's purpose will change, Baker, the owner of several nearby automotive businesses, said he wants to keep the building as close to its original architecture as possible. He even stuck with the basic name, calling it the Rose Bowl Event Center.

Baker and Whinery, his partner in the venture and a mortgage broker with Whinery Mortgage of Edmond, Muskogee and Tulsa, purchased the former bowling alley at 7419 E. 11th St. in February 2006 for $295,000.

Baker estimated that it will take well over $1 million to renovate the building.

This is very encouraging news to see such a huge challenge being undertaken. I wish these guys luck with their renovation and I hope their schedule fills up quickly this summer.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

KOTV Gives Update on Zingo

In this KOTV post, they report that Bell's has been given a last minute extension to allow the dismantling of the Tulsa landmark roller coaster, the Zingo. After having their work severely impacted by all of the rain we've received in recent weeks, the original May 15th deadline was simply not going to give them enough time. The expense of dismantling park is estimated around 1/2 million dollars. Anything left behind after the deadline will be forfeited to the county. Still unknown is whether Bell's will ever reestablish the amusement park at a new location.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Phillips Petroleum Museum Grand Opening

In an effort to reaffirm their Oklahoma roots, ConocoPhillips is opening a new museum at 4th and Keeler in downtown Bartlesville this month. They have been renovating the former Arvest Bank building since last Summer. It will be operated and funded by a private foundation established by ConocoPhillips. Admission will be free.

Late 1920s Cottage Style Phillips 66 Service Station
Photo from Phillip's former "Timeline Tunnel" below the streets of Bartlesville.

Phillips used to have a very nice museum-type display set up on the second floor of the Phillips Building (PB), including a scale replica of a 1920s Cotswold Cottage design service station like in the photo above. I know that this model has been relocated. They also had an immense archive of historic documents and items which have been transferred to the museum. Last week, I could see a really nicely restored gas truck through the front window, but most of my view was blocked. I am really looking forward to seeing everything in a more public friendly environment.

The museum will be open to the public beginning Saturday, May 12. Normal hours of operation will be Mon - Sat, 10am - 5pm and Sunday, 1pm to 5pm.

Speaking of cottage style Phillips stations, I'm was very pleased to read that the Vickory Phillips 66 Station at 602 S. Elgin is going to be rehabilitated using Rt. 66 corridor grant money.

Vickory Phillips 66 Service Station - Tulsa, OK

Once this historic gem is restored, it will be used as a Avis Rental car office. KOTV has this brief report including a few additional pics of the building before starting. It sounds like it's going to be a true restoration project, with all the painstaking detail involved. I can't wait to photograph the results when the project is finished.