Thursday, December 06, 2007

Camelot's Reign is Over

This morning the demolition of Tulsa's former Camelot Hotel began. Unfortunately, we don't get a dramatic implosion, but rather a week-long process of chewing away at the structure with hydraulic scissors. KOTV (Ch.6) has a nice 2 minute video of the start of the destruction.

Lots of folks are reporting on this one:

Camelot Hotel razing to begin Thursday [Tulsa World]
The End of Camelot [KOTV]
Taking Down a Historic Hotel [KOTV]
Camelot Demolition Continues [KJRH]
Demolition Begins on Camelot Hotel [w/ video KTUL]

It's sad to see it finally being torn down. I have some really good memories of this place during the early 80s. But it's been an eyesore for entirely too long. It's simply not feasible to renovate and it needs to go.

Tulsa Library has this collection of "vintage" pictures of the Camelot during it's better days. Some may view these pics and remember clearly how things once were. Others are probably too young to remember it as anything other than an abandoned fake castle.

Despite the ugly gray skies, I couldn't resist swinging by there this afternoon for some last minute photos. I'll get them posted to Flickr soon.

QuikTrip Corporation will build their 500th store on the site. Somehow, I just don't believe the new store will have as much visual impact to visitors coming through town on I-44. I'd love to see QT prove me wrong.


Very sad to see it come down. I always wanted to sneak around back and see the pool. I'm way too young to have ever gone in there, but I still loved driving past it.
I took some pictures of what is left on Christmas Day, 2007. See them here:
Brookside will never be the same without her. The area is now to avoid, and a 7-11 only will serve to cheapen the lot to the glamour of 61st and Peoria.
Um.. Camelot's reign has been over for decades.

Shoot I was almost still in diapers the last time the build was worth anything.

It should have been brought down decades ago.
I had heard about the Camelot being torn down. Sad. I worked there my senior year in HS in 1972-72 and into 73. Many great times and memories there.
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