Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Northland Center Revisited

Originally built as one of Tulsa's first malls, the open-air Northland Shopping Center has been renovated after many years of neglect. It has successfully been re-purposed as a office complex, dubbed Northland Center. Presently, the primary tenant is a community outreach center.

Although they've modernized the front facade of the buildings, the rear still looks much the same. Also, they left the wonderfully huge Northland Shopping Center sign standing tall on the hill behind the mall. I've been taken by the design of this sign since I first saw it. I was pleasantly surprised that they left the sign intact, although all the former neon has been gone for a long time. My imagination runs wild when I think of how it looked when it presided over a thriving new retail center in the '50s and '60s.

Click on either photo above to visit the former Northland Shopping Center's newest photoset. I first wrote about this mall in this early Lost Tulsa entry. Lots of people who remember growing up with this mall commented and clarified much of the history of the place. Pics from a previous Northland photoset shows it as it was before the renovation.

Great website. It brings back a lot of memories. I really miss the Metro Dinner. I spent many a school night there enjoying a good meal with friends. I have to admit that I never really noticed Northland although I driven by it plenty of times. Keep up the posts. Thanks.
Northland was Neverland from the beginning.I saw people from the community pick up bricks to get what they wanted.That's the main reason why no grocery store retailer will move into the current Pine & Peoria spot.If any grocery store it will probably be Sav-a-alot or Warehousemarket.
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