Sunday, April 08, 2007

Guess The Eyesore

What we have here is a basic concrete water fountain. It's located on a pad that indicates that it was once surrounded by a huge covered patio. Identify this abandoned fountain's location. Bonus points for posting any history of this forgotten eyesore.

Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner! After exercising their very impressive powers of observation, Flickr user thXtreme commented:

Ha! I saw this only last week while running some errands at lunch. I remember this because it looked so odd.

This is located near 51st and Memorial, to the West and on the South side of the street. It can be seen from the Office Depot parking lot (building directly to the West).

Here's the satellite image. I tried to center the fountain in the middle of the image, but it's sort of hard to make out.

This is exactly right. I spotted this eyesore when exiting the Office Depot a couple of weeks back. The fountain is located on a pad behind the Aaron Rents building next door. I remember picking up a dinette set from a furniture store located in this building in 1984, but I don't remember any type of access to the back. Does anybody know the story behind this? I may have to actually go inside and ask but I doubt any of the current employees would know.

Congratulation, thXtreme! Thanks for playing "Guess the Eyesore". Maybe next time we'll have fabulous prizes too.

That fountain was the centerpiece of a courtyard that was part of the former Manhattan Furniture Store, housed in the building that is now split between a Dollar store and Aaron Rents. There used to be landscaping around it, as I recall. I was an employee of Manhattan in 1979, and I remember that fountain well.
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