Sunday, April 08, 2007

Classic Peaches Pics!

Huge thanks to Lanette, who has posted some classic pics of her time at Peaches Records and Tapes ('79-'82). I really appreciate the time spent scanning in these great photos. They really give you a feel for what a "record store" used to be all about.


You certainly have outdone yourself with these posts. Bells...haha. wow. I'm certainly going to miss it. Lots of childhood memories there with some of my best friends.

And as for peaches, i wasnt around for that, but just to see the emotion caught in those photographs, and imagining what a great time everyone had. It seriously brings tears to my eyes.

Tulsa is certainly a magical place.


You should update on Eastland.

They've changed the name already.
Funny you should mention I recently got back in there for some final pics before the conversion to Eastgate Metroplex. I'll be posting an update on it soon.
Peaches used to be the only place to buy albums other than Starship. Thanks for the pics.
i remember PEACHES records. as a kid i lusted over a giant painting of the KISS alive 2 album cover on the wall. it was huge! very detailed. where the hell is it now? that thing would be worth serious cash man!! brian simmons (TRIBE OF SOULS)
Driving past Cain's today, it looks as though the cement impressions are now resting in the gated area to the north of the ballroom. I was hoping someone would save those. I guess someone thought so, too.

And hi to Brian!
I take that back. Upon further inspection, the plaques say "to Cain's" on them so they are not the ones from Peaches.

So, once again, someone needs to save those things!
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