Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Camelot Demolition In Near Future

A report tonight from Channel 8 indicated that the owners of the former Camelot Hotel (built 1965) were in talks with the City of Tulsa regarding a loan to safely demolish the asbestos-ridden castle. The plan is that once the structure has been removed, owners Maharishi Global Development can sell the prime property and repay the loan. The removal is expected to cost approx. $1 million and could begin as soon as this Summer.

It had been formerly announced that the Camelot was not in the planned path for the upcoming expansion of I-44, and would not be bought out like the rest of the properties being forced out.

Update: According to this KOTV story, The Tulsa Industrial Authority approved the agreement Wednesday (4/11/07) morning. The city will back the loan as long as the owner agrees to tear down the building. Demolition is expected to be completed by September.

I loved the Camelot and remember when my grandmother use to take my family there for brunch on Sunday after church. I am glad to see it be demolished though. It's been quite an eyesore for a long time. The neglect and vandalism were too much for a building with such a proud history. Unfortunately, it is a sad demise for one of Tulsa's more noteable landmarks.
That just pisses me off. I know it can't be salvaged, restored, or brought up to safety codes, but it makes me sad to hear people say that something better could go there, when in reality another Starbucks or a QuickTrip will probably be built there.
I moved from Tulsa at the age of 5 but came back every summer to stay with my grandparents. The highlight of my summer was a fancy dress and brunch with Aunt Betty at The Camelot. Sad to see it go.
Well...I live in a house that backs up to the Camelots parking lot. If you had to put up with the mosquitos in the summer from it's stagnant pool and the roachs and GIANT rats that come out that building you might think different about it being demolished. Oh and word is that Quicktrip is already in talks to buy the land.
I just visited the abandoned Camelot today. My husband and I took plenty of pictures and looked around. We are very interested in abandoned buildings. Last we had heard QuickTrip had bought the property and was planning to put in a truck stop. Personally it makes me sad to see the Camelot go. There is so much history contained within the walls. Even though I understand that the building is unsafe and unsalvageable I do believe an attempt should be made to preserve it, rather than just resorting to demolition. I do not like the idea of a Tulsa landmark being replaced by another chain store. Where is the variety between towns and the non-chain businesses? There are very few left and that is a shame. My husband and I are planning to write a book chronicling the Camelot's history. If anyone has any ancedotes, pictures etc. please e-mail them to barbieisagoddess@yahoo.com.

P.S. Is there any truth to the rumor that there is a pack of wild dogs living in the hotel? I have heard that they are left over from the homeless that used the hotel as a shelter. Also, on the door underneath the canopy there is a sign reading Beware of Dog.
Camelot was on fire the week of Sept 20. Fire was trash and quickly put out and demolition continuing.
Sad to see it go and Quik Trip says it will build it's 500th store there.
You know what sign is missing from that photo set? I can't think of the name of the shopping center at the moment, but if you were driving east on I-44 (from the river into Tulsa), as you passed Peoria, it would be to your right (south). That shopping center had a neon sign that made sort of a rotating starlight pattern. I used to love that sign when I was a kid. In case my description wasn't accurate enough, at the intersection of Skelly Drive and Peoria, on the northeast corner is the shopping center where Bud's, Med-X, Buffalo Fine (try not to laugh) Jewelry, the Pagoda, etc. On the Northwest Corner was the Camelot and Church's Fried Chicken. On the southwest corner--opposite side of I-44--was a Stratford House Inns hotel, and I think a Buy For Less grocery store was over there. On the southeast corner was the shopping center where the sign was located, close to the old museum. I forget what was located in that center, although I believe there used to be a TG&Y; store there, and a bar called The Circle.
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