Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy October

Hope everyone is doing well this Fall. Thanks for tolerating the sporatic nature of my updates here on Lost Tulsa. With the weather becoming a bit more reasonable compared to the scorching heat of this past Summer, I'm a bit more likely to get out and take pics more often. Stay tuned, as there's still plenty of things I'd like to get photographed and posted. I can't say they'll always be completely true to the main topic...but I hope you'll find some interest in them just the same.

I thought the image above was particularly appropriate for this month. The pedestrian bridge was absolutely covered with spiders two weekends ago. Definitely not the place for an arachnophobe, but it made for a really enjoyable outing for my son and me. We actually went out there at sunset to take some pics of the PSO power plant's signage...but after waiting at the new kayak ramp until nearly 9pm, we gave up. Does anyone know if they still illuminate the big "Electricity" sign at night?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Eastland Mall to receive $30 Million Conversion

According this Tulsa World article yesterday, Eastland Mall will be undergoing an extensive renovation to create a mixed-use center called Eastgate Metroplex. It will consist of business, community, educational and retail spaces. I've already noticed a significant cleanup of the landscaping surrounding this mall and I really look forward to watching the progress over the next 24-36 months as this dead mall is transformed.

My Eastland Mall photosets taken over the past few years are here and here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Metro Diner
3001 E 11th St (Rt. 66)
Tulsa, OK

With the rapid expansion of the Tulsa University campus [TheOklahomaForum] (just press cancel to the Name/Password prompt), many structures along Rt. 66 have been and are scheduled to be demolished. Metro Diner is nestled next to TU's Skelly Stadium and is expected to close at the end of Sept. 2006 so that it can be torn down. The owners would like to relocate, but with the low price that the Tulsa Development Authority is paying them, they are afraid that they may not be able to afford to do so. This entry [Route 66 News] from last month gives some more details on the situation.

My son and I visited a few weeks ago to have one last chicken-fried steak and take a few pics of the building and surrounding area. Although this was built in the early '80s and is not an "true" authentic '50s diner, I'm sure that more than a few folks will remember this place fondly.