Monday, November 13, 2006

T.Roy Barnes drugry Before and After

Lost Tulsa reader Chris King forwarded this classic 1960s postcard photo showing a newly-built modern pharmacy located at 46th St. North and Cincinnati. His Dad remembers the area during this time as peaceful as Mayberry. Things changed in the early '70s, when the store was robbed almost weekly, leading to it's eventual demise. When I saw this photo, I had to head North to see if the structure still existed. Surprisingly, the building is still in very good condition. I was happy to see the sandstone still unpainted. The signage wasn't so lucky, as all the neon has been removed and it's been covered in yellow paint. I hate to see these mid-century style neon signs ruined. At least the sandstone sign pedestal is still intact, thanks to the welded tubular steel guards that have apparently been there since the beginning. The interior of the building is still in decent shape, sans counters and black/white tile floors.

This isn't about this post, but i was driving by the old movie theatre uhm..gaw what was it.

Not the drive in but the one next to Goodwill that was converted into a Porsche shop.

Well anyways i was driving past it Saturday night and people were working on the sign and it said VILLAGE THEATRE on it!

I was so darn excited. On my way back the next day i saw the say and it say Pancha Anya or something.

Apparently they had peeled down to the orginal signage!

I just thought that was exciting considering i never got to see it in its prime.

Well anyways.


Keep up the great site man.

You have fans out in cyberworld! Thanks for your efforts. I really hope you have time to get some pictures of Bell's Amusement Park as it's dismantled. It hurts my soul to think that it's going away, but I'd like to get some last glimpses of it before it's gone.

-Travis, Tulsa/Broken Arrow expatriate
i want to make a collage of all the damn Wal-Marts in town.

Update my friend!
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