Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy October

Hope everyone is doing well this Fall. Thanks for tolerating the sporatic nature of my updates here on Lost Tulsa. With the weather becoming a bit more reasonable compared to the scorching heat of this past Summer, I'm a bit more likely to get out and take pics more often. Stay tuned, as there's still plenty of things I'd like to get photographed and posted. I can't say they'll always be completely true to the main topic...but I hope you'll find some interest in them just the same.

I thought the image above was particularly appropriate for this month. The pedestrian bridge was absolutely covered with spiders two weekends ago. Definitely not the place for an arachnophobe, but it made for a really enjoyable outing for my son and me. We actually went out there at sunset to take some pics of the PSO power plant's signage...but after waiting at the new kayak ramp until nearly 9pm, we gave up. Does anyone know if they still illuminate the big "Electricity" sign at night?

i've definitely seen it illuminated within the past couple of months.
Some of my pictures of Tulsa....
Love the spiderweb picture!
have you gotten any pictures of the PSO sign yet?
No, I haven't taken pics of the PSO sign yet...but my son asks me nearly every day if we can go back to the Pedestrian Bridge, so I'm hoping I'll get some soon.
They do all the time.
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