Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Metro Diner
3001 E 11th St (Rt. 66)
Tulsa, OK

With the rapid expansion of the Tulsa University campus [TheOklahomaForum] (just press cancel to the Name/Password prompt), many structures along Rt. 66 have been and are scheduled to be demolished. Metro Diner is nestled next to TU's Skelly Stadium and is expected to close at the end of Sept. 2006 so that it can be torn down. The owners would like to relocate, but with the low price that the Tulsa Development Authority is paying them, they are afraid that they may not be able to afford to do so. This entry [Route 66 News] from last month gives some more details on the situation.

My son and I visited a few weeks ago to have one last chicken-fried steak and take a few pics of the building and surrounding area. Although this was built in the early '80s and is not an "true" authentic '50s diner, I'm sure that more than a few folks will remember this place fondly.

I'm not too keen on what TU is doing. I love this site. One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures around Tulsa county.
In high school in the late 80s and early 90s, my friends and I use drink coffee and smoke at the Metro Diner.

Looking back, I'm pretty sure that the waiters did not remember us fondly. Oh well.

Sad to see it go. Every time I come home to Tulsa, more buildings are gone.
I hate it that the Metro and the Wendy's have to go in the name of progress for TU. They will be but the latest landmarks claimed by the ever expanding University. TU has already taken my old home, my elementary school, the neighborhood head shop, and the little Reed Park.

I remember the Metro when it was still Arby's and before that when it was a Mobil station. I do hope the owners can set it up elsewhere. It will be sorely missed.
Another fond memory, gone...

I'll always remember how it wasn't one of those places that served lobster fa-jee-tas and had a sissy wine steward named Ted.
The food is mediocre at best; the place is filthy; it was only built in the 80's or so. Big deal.
I agree - the food is on the level of Denny's - maybe a step down. The retaurant itself is disgusting and falling apart - just look at the smoke stained ceilings and dust/mold covered vents. It isn't an icon or a landmark - it's a 20 year old filthy diner with a neat sign. I'm surprised the health department didn't already shut them down. Maybe they can rebuild somewhere else, keep the sign and start over nice and shiny. It'll be good for them - if not - oh well.
Well....it looks like the 26th of November is the last day for the Metro. That's what their sign says.
They are having an auction on Tuesday December 12th at the Metro. You can buy the wall decorations at this sale. The restaurant equipment, tables, chairs & booths will sell at 2:00 PM while the decorations will start to sell at 4:00 PM. Don't miss it!
Only a few days left...sad to see it go. The "leaders" Tulsa just don't give a damn about the cultural fabric of the city. Anything and everything is at risk for the promise of a parking lot.

Case in point: BELL'S! It will soon be a multi use parking lot surrounded by other parking lots for all the people at the RV show. It's sickening...
Man, Tulsa city leadership can go effing die. They don't realize that the only reason Tulsa is not a Wichita or Lincoln is because of the culture. It's not because of Broken Arrow, it's because of Midtown. It's not because of Woodland Hills, it's because of Cherry Street and Brookside.
Tulsans LIKE their weird city. We don't want it to be slick and new, because slick and new is BORING, not progressive. Building a bunch of new shiny shit is not going to attract people that don't already live there, because it will still be a city of all-growed-up yuppies, college hipsters, punks (real fuck-you-anarchy-in-the-UK-I-live-in-a-dumpster type!), pierced and tattoed kids, art-school wannabes, hippies, starving artists, and small-scale entrepreneurs and WE LOVE THAT!
Starbucks can't compete here because we have real coffee places!
We have actual suburban, living communities within the city itself!
There are more lifestyles and living situations available and supported here than pretty much anywhere not on a coast (and those jerks that think this is flyover country can piss all over themselves).

Keep Tulsa Weird.
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