Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lost Okmulgee

On our way back from an exhausting whirlwind trip to N. Texas over the July 4th weekend, I spotted two locations in Okmulgee that beckoned me to "hang a U" and take a few pictures. The first place that caught my eye was Bee Line Bowl, a former AMF facility with it's signage still bold with color and fonts straight out of the '60s. Although the lanes are closed and the building is up for sale, these signs seem to still whisper stories of years of family bowling fun.

My camera had just enough battery (and CF space) to also capture the Coleman's Burgers neon sign, which is all that's left standing of the former resturant that was in the process of being bulldozed. The neon on this sign is still in great shape. I'd really like to find a pic of this one lit up at night (anyone?). I'm sure I'll spend many restless nights trying to wrap my brain around the phrase "Good's Food Marvin Too!".

I know nothing about either of these locations, but I just love the style of these wonderful signs. I just hope that someone else with an affinity for these treasures will preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

The founder and original owner of Coleman's Drive-In was Marvin Good. Which doesn't exactly explain the phrase, but does shed some light on it.
Coleman's was the textbook definition of a "greasy spoon" diner-- with burgers that literally dripped cholesterol and fresh pie on the counter for dessert.
It was great that you were able to snap Coleman's before the sign was gone. Too many times I have thought about stopping somewhere here in OKC & then....It's gone. Forever.
My wonderful grandpa used to take us to Coleman's pretty often back in the 60's! Last time I traveled through Okmulgee on my way to visit my mom, I saw it was being bulldozed...I cried like a baby!
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