Sunday, July 30, 2006

Beryl Ford Collection Coming Online

A huge thanks to Sarah from the Tulsa Now Forums who made the following post yesterday:

You've probably heard about the Beryl Ford Collection, "the largest and most significant collection of photographs and artifacts relevant to the history of the City of Tulsa and the surrounding area."

But did you know that you can view the photos online? The project to digitalize over 75,000 photos has begun, and there are already over 750 images available via the Tulsa City-County Library website! (I wasted several hours the other night just browsing! Very cool!)

Want to see what 4th and Main used to look like? Curious about a particular historic building? Feeling nostalgic for Tulsa in its "glory days?" Check it out! Beryl Ford Collection

For more information about the Beryl Ford Collection visit

For history buffs, preservationists, and people who just care about Tulsa...these photos allow us to compare Tulsa to what it used to be...and think about what we want it to be in the future...

Despite a rather clunky interface for viewing and no ability for public comments, this collection is incredible and well worth some time spent browsing through the photos. I'm excited to see this extensive collection continue to grow online for all to research, recollect and enjoy.

Above photos:
Pythian Bldg 1950's - Beryl Ford Collection / Rotary Club of Tulsa
Pythian Bldg 2003 - Lost Tulsa

I absolutely love your site. I moved to Tulsa back in '96 but visited it a lot as a kid. Do you know of anyone that does this sort of thing on Oklahoma City?
Well done Ferrel! :)
Such a great site. I've really enjoyed browsing through and looking at the photos.

I wasn't able to get acces to your photo set of the downtown tunnels. For some reason, I find the tunnel concept very intriguing, and I'd love to be able to see the photos. I'd love even more to go on the tour. Do you have any information about how to do that?

Thanks again! I think the "71st and Memorial" is one of my favs. This is great.
This collection is invaluable. What a treasure. I was able to find a picture of the Bordens cafeteria, where I had my first job!
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