Friday, June 09, 2006

Recent Happenings

I don't really have any new pics for you, but I wanted to post several links to some things happening around town recently.

Michael Bates took his family to the newly opened Casa Viva (formerly Casa Bonita). From his comments, it sounds like they'll do quite well once they smooth a few operational things out. I look forward to spending a few hours there with my own family soon.

In a recent Route 66 News blog entry called A Route 66 Guide to the "Cars" Movie, Tulsa's Cyrus Avery Memorial Bridge was listed among probable inspirations for a particular scene. This guide is a very interesting read. There's some great information about the people (many of them Oklahomans) along Route 66 who influenced the Pixar folks when creating this movie. One of those people is Michael Wallis, famous Route 66 author and Tulsa resident, who served as a consultant on the movie in addition to playing The Sheriff. [thanks for the link, Kyle]

Jennifer Weaver is an ardent East Tulsa advocate and lately a much better investigative journalist than many of the "professionals" working for our local media outlets. She submitted a recent editorial posted on detailing some new information and making a plea for a comprehesive plan from Eastland Malls out-of-state owners, outlining their intentions for the property. She mentions a recent rezoning request for Eastland Mall area to Light Industrial. Strangely, the mysterious request has been withdrawn, but the drama continues.

Bell's Amusement Park has had an interesting week. Just days after announcing an agreement with its neighbors allowing them to upgrade the park with a new roller coaster, a micro-burst with winds around 65-70 mph did some serious damage to the park on Tuesday morning. The worse was the destruction of their 1924 ferris wheel. The attraction, which had been at Bell's for over 40 years, was literally folded in two with no hopes of restoration. Less damaged was the Phantasmagoria and log rides. The fairground buildings and Big Splash water park also received minor damage during this odd early-morning storm. 6/15/06 Update: Still Cleaning Up []

Finally, I was recently informed that
"TU's about to start leveling the old apartment complexes between about 8th and 11th streets -- all the stuff that's between Skelly and Delaware. I think they're gonna leave the Metro and Wendy's until the very last...Also I think they're gonna tear down half of the Twin Towers dorm before too long -- the one they were planning on closing for a year to get it up to fire code."

It's sad to see such a push to destroy so much along this path, just in the interest of creating a "Grand Entrance" to Tulsa University. I'll do my best to get some pics before everything has been removed.

I can only speak for myself, but I appreciate your blog page a lot. As a former Tulsan, I cherish hearing about things back home. It's sad to hear of the things that are leaving, but I love that I can have a few photos before they go. Keep it up-- you have fans in the world.
I was in Metro Diner this evening. They are closing on or before 8/27/06. This place has been great and we will miss Tim and the gang.
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