Monday, May 08, 2006

Woodland Hills Mall's 1st Christmas webmaster Steven posted these pics from the first Christmas season of the newly built Woodland Hills Mall (1976). There are some fantastic shots of the original fountain, as well as quite a few stores that are no longer in existence. At this point, they had not yet built the Phase II portion (completed 1982), which included the Food Court and Sanger Harris (later Foleys, soon to be Macy's). The last photo in the set is interesting, as you can see past the escalators right on through to the former East entrance doors. Now, you'd be looking down the corridor towards Foley's. I have some great memories of this mall. I worked near the Food Court entrance at The Glass Oven bakery during my Sr. year of High School ('82-'83). My favorite ex-wife worked at Sanger Harris during the evenings. She used to come up and chat with me during her breaks. At least, I like to think it was me she was interested in...and not just the free Mississippi Mud brownies she got for flirting. The girls over at the hair/nails salon across the entrance were pretty friendly too, now that I think of it. I'll always remember burning through quarters at Aladdin's Castle, checking out the adult novelty items at Spencer's and smelling the incredible scents wafting from Wicks 'N' Sticks every time you got anywhere near the place. Although the current layout is still pretty much the same, the look and feel of this mall has been drastically changed due to a full remodel in the '90s, which removed most of the chrome and natural wood so popular in the original super-malls of the mid-'70s.

Great shots (and commentary), Steven. Thanks for sharing!

Thats some cool stuff man
You've always got my attention.

Email me back some time too.

Your site rocks. I loved the pics of the mall. I can still taste the Swenson's ice cream (and sitting in the seats that overhung the first floor), and smell the wax from Wicks & Sticks. As a kid, I used to scratch the varnish off the candles in there, and pissed off the owners.
Love looking at your post. I grew up here and too move away only to return later. Love the old history. Keep it up please
My dad had a roofing company, and put the roof on WH mall. I remember back in 1974, I'd come home from Nimitz Jr. High, and he'd be going over the blueprints.
When the mall opened, my buddies and I from Memorial High used to spend hours just roaming around. We'd buy our Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath 8 tracks from Musicland.
Later on though, I got cool and started shoping at Honest Johns!
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