Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Casa Viva Opening Soon

According to reports, Casa Viva will be opening it's doors in about 3 weeks. This was about a week ago, so I'm figuring around the end of the month. They are owned by the original Casa Bonita creator and are opening in the former Casa Bonita location at 21st and S. Sheridan. Unfortunately, the previous owner removed the wonderful (if somewhat worn) carousel. It's a shame that unique attraction will not be a part of the arcade anymore. I'm still looking forward to seeing how well they fixed the place up inside and judging if the food has improved from before.

casa viva will be opening on monday memorial day, its the same food prteey much as casa bonita, the price for deluxe dinner 8.99 all u can eat, they dont serve alchol so if u want a beer ur screwed and if u go there the service is great so please tip us waitress that only make 2.15 an hour that would help dont be cheap for great service, thank you very much
A employee of casa viva
We miss Casa Viva in Little Rock, Arkansas. Will it reopen here too? Please? If not, we will see you in Tulsa! Thanks.
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