Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm Not Dead Yet!! - Eastland Mall

Some good news for a change regarding the declining Eastland Mall. Ashli Sims at KOTV is reporting that a potential new owner is in negotiations to buy the nearly vacant mall. Not only that, they're long-time Tulsans who actually see a positive future for the mall.

From the KOTV article:

"so as we look at this area of town and we see other areas saturated I know movement is going to come here and I think this was a good idea but the timing was a little off and that's just bad luck.”...
"Ed Kallay believes their timing and thus their luck will be better. They're working with Haywood-Whichard, the mall's current owner, to buy the 68-acre property. Kallay's idea, combine office space and retail, reinventing the mall as a place where folks can work, dine and play."...
It’s not a done deal yet, but Kallay says the possibility is generating a lot of business buzz. The downtown entertainment venue, the Hive, which recently hosted a tattoo convention, says they're interested in possibly expanding east.

I'm encouraged with this news. These plans fit in very well with the type of development I linked to in an earlier post. I also agree that there are not many more areas for Tulsa to expand, without building out further East. Broken Arrow is quickly filling in from the West and we've already built out south to Bixby and Jenks. I'm seeing a lot of development taking place on 145th between 61st and 41st these days. They're saying it will be approximately 75 days to close the deal on Eastland Mall. I hope things go through smoothly. I'd much rather have a local developer as a owner!

I just wanted to let some of you know a little more about Eastland Mall. I worked there for almost two years when Simon Malls had just sold it. They were horrible owners, and charged the same amount of rent when it began to drop off; which most businesses couldn't afford. Contracts were also ridiculous. Being in almost half of the stores in the mall it has some serious decay. Mold has taken over many portions of the mall, including much of the JCPenny end.
The JCPenny building has many leaks including a huge one right in the middle, which when it rains looks like a waterfall. The once was Quilkted Bear and Curiosity has many leaks and mold has taken over much of the storage area and hallways. Gnats and Flies are also a huge issue with the place, and the stinch is unbelievable.
Sad, but true, to bring this mall back would take a miracle. I live near the mall and would love something to help pick it back up, but by the looks of it, it will be a while.
I would love to see this eatland mall come back. I would take the trip to the east side of town to get away from woodland hills mall and promenade malls. I live across the street from woodland hills. I loved this mall and it was a shame it went out. Some of us still like the quant, homey feeling of a mall located outside of the busy bussle in the middle of town. I miss it very much. I would love to see a dollar movie and the court yard back. I loved to go to lunch there when I worked in Broken Arrow. Darlene
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