Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Woodland Hills Cinema and Service Merchandise Gone

I had read about this coming quite some time ago, and had intended to drop by and take some pics of the Woodland Hills Cinema 4 and the Service Merchandise that resided at 68th and S. Memorial. Unfortunately, I waited too long. When I drove past on Tuesday, both of the boxy mid-70s buildings had been completely demolished, removed and the clean earth was being leveled by bulldozers. They are clearing the properly for (suprise!) another WalMart SuperCenter...because traffic in that area isn't quite bad enough yet.

68th and S. Memorial?!
isn't there a wal-mart already in that area?
Yep. A regular Walmart at both 44th and 91st & S. Memorial. They're closing the 91st store after they open one up further down Memorial in Bixby.
The traffic will be horrible. You'd think Wal Mart (and/or the land owner) would do a study before embarking on this potential nightmare...
There was a drive-in theater on 11th street just east of Mingo Road. It was gone many years ago, I was in the army (1983-90)and came back to nothing.It was on the north side of 11th street.I saw some good movies,deflowered one of my girlfriends,heck I just had a good time there from 1978-1982.
Horrible! I also heard they closed down Casa Bonita! That's just criminal
My wife worked at the Service Merchandise store at 68th & Memorial in 1986-1988. We have lots of great memories about Tulsa.
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