Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lost Tulsa Interview on Tulsa Times

For those of you who either missed the show last Saturday, or live out of range of our local PBS station, I've posted the Tulsa Times interview [streaming Google Video] up for viewing.

A couple of notes. First of all, I was incredibly nervous...and it's apparent. I didn't even realize that my vocabulary contained the phrase "..what have you.", but after seeing myself repeat it 4 or 5 times, I've vowed to eliminate it forever. I also had a killer case of cottonmouth, which I just couldn't seem to get over throughout the interview.

There are a couple of corrections I'd like to make. I watched them bulldoze the remainder of the Will Rogers Theater into a big pile of rubble sometime around '84, rather than the late '80s. It had been closed since 1976. Also, the photos shown during my comments near the end about Tulsa's Lost Twins were not quite what I'm talking about (and those aren't my shots, either). They are cool pics of former Tulsa drive-ins, but that's already been covered very well over at TTM. The twins I'm speaking of include the ones mentioned in the interview (Park Lane and Boman) and others well known for their lively Midnight Movies.

Enjoy the video. Try not to laugh too hard. I've been asked by Denver Foxx to speak with him on his KRMG show Saturday morning. I'll try to record it and post it up too...since it'll be at 7:30am.

Great job! I think you presented yourself very well. Congratulations! Tulsa Celebrity!
As an old studio guy....ASK for water next time. TELL the floor director you are nervous. If it is a Pro. crew, they will help you thru it.....really....I've had people faint on live TV before! (Imagine LIVE TV, dude!)
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